Queensland Pipe Band Championships 2017 - Grade 3 and 4 Results

Pipe Bands Australia Queensland unreservedly apologises to the bands affected by the changes to results at the Queensland Championships on Saturday 10 June. Two unfortunate errors led to:
1. the erroneous recording of results in the Master Sheet; and
2. then subsequent announcements of those erroneous results.

The bands affected were Greater Springfield, Emmanuel College Highlanders, BBC Old Collegians and Brisbane Boys College No 1

Given that there has also been some social media commentary around the issue, I thought it would be useful that I clarify that the changes of the master sheet occurred solely because of a recording error. Contrary to some conjecture, at no point were any changes made to judging sheets or rankings after they were submitted.
PBAQ is reviewing the variety of factors which contributed to the error and we will expand on the these at the next Council meeting on 18 July 2017. I would encourage all Bands to send representatives to raise any concerns you have fully.

Andrew Roach

NOTE: Full results of the contest can be found at this link.